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Wire Processing and Terminating

Wire processing is at the heart of everything we produce.  That is why H&L is committed to investing in new technology to improve in all areas, bringing savings and piece of mind to our customers. 


We are continuing to network with our partner suppliers to come up with new and innovative ways to process material.  We are teaming up with KOMAX for our next project, purchasing an Omega wire processing and assembly machine in 2018.


Our key wire processing equipment includes:


ARTOS Cr.22a Automatic Crimping Machine

  • Fully Programmable to Each Part Number

  • 100% Crimp Force Monitoring

  • Integrated Pull Test and Micrometer Verification Prior to Production

  • Material Scanning Verification at Startup

  • Weather Seal Application Station

  • 30 – 12 AWG Processing Capability

  • 1” – 325’ Wire Length Processing Capability

  • Artos PF-6 Pre-feeder


KOMAX Gamma 263s Automatic Crimping Machine

  • Fully Programmable to Each Part Number

  • 0.13mm – 2.50mm Wire Processing Capability

  • 40mm – 20,000mm Wire Length Capability


Schleuniger MultiStrip 9480 Wire Cutting Machine

  • Jacket and Inner Conductor Stripping

  • Stripping of Multi-Conductor Cables

  • Mutli-Layer Stripping (with Shield Processing)

  • Multi-step Stripping

  • Zipcord Conductor Processing

  • Wire Marking

  • Schleuniger Pre-feeder 2200


ARTOS SSC-500 Multi-Wire, Stripping and Crimping Machine

  • Seals, Strips and Crimps up to Two Wires at One Time

  • Quick Change-over

  • PC Controls Allow All Part Parameter to be Stored

  • Built in Quality Controls Including Crimp Force Monitoring


Schleuniger Mercury 4 Laser Stripper

  • High Quality, Nick-free Stripping

  • Strips all Paolymers Materials and Colors

  • 0.0010mm to 0.16mm Processing Capabilities

  • 20-Watt Co2 Laser


Sonobond WS2026 Ultrasonic Welder

  • Weld Up to 100mm

  • Wedge-Reed Bonding System


(4) SM Contact SMCRIMP 100 Through Slice Crimper

(2) Autosplice SAS2 Crimper

(2) Schleuniger StripCrimp 200 with Crimp Force Monitoring

Raychem (TE) Heat Shrink Oven

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